How would your life be different if you were able to effortlessly sell your products?

Would you be able to quit your stressful day job? Spend your days doing the work that you love and on your own terms? Have less financial stress?

I want to share a story with you, a story that changed my business.

The famous vacation rental, Airbnb was founded in 2008 and by 2009 it was close to shutting down! The company’s revenue was at just $200 per week and the founders were forced to max their credit cards.

One afternoon, while browsing through some New York City listings, trying to figure out why things weren’t working, the team recognized a pattern.

All of the 40 listings had photos that sucked!

The photos were dark, unattractive and of poor quality.

People weren’t buying because they couldn’t literally SEE what they were paying for!

So what did they do?

The team immediately tossed a simple solution to the problem : they travelled to New York City, rented a camera, went to each of those 40 listings and replaced the amateur photos with beautiful, high-quality photography!

And just 1 week later, the revenue doubled to $400/week.

Today that very turning point has resulted in Airbnb becoming a household name with a billion dollar revenue.

Wow, that story says a lot! Come to think of it, when was the last time you bought something online without looking at the photos?

Here's what the research says - When it comes to e-commerce, 67% of the customers prefer a product that has a high-quality photo. Customers trust the quality of the image more than reviews and product descriptions.

Unlike shopping in an actual boutique or a physical store, when you browse online, you can’t pick up the product. You can’t touch it, hold it in your hands, or feel the texture with your fingers. All you have is the photos!

Take a look at the photos below.


The photo on the left is dark, unattractive and doesn't accurately show the product. Whereas the one on the right is bright, appealing and clearly shows the product from different angles. Not just that, but the photo is also styled in a way that evokes a pleasant emotion in you.

The truth is, the better your product looks, the more you will sell. 

And contrary to what others might tell you, you don 't need to hire a photographer or invest in expensive equipment to take stunning photos of your products.

** In fact, the photo on the right was shot using the iPhone :)

Which one of these are you most likely to stop, notice and probably even purchase? It’s a no-brainer, the one on the right! And guess what? This photo was shot using the iPhone!

3 years ago, I started my business with an Etsy shop selling blogger templates..

Although I was lucky enough to have my first few sales roll in quickly, after the initial buzz, the sales slowed down. I was disappointed and worried on how to make this work. While doing some research, I came across the Airbnb story that I shared with you and I noticed that shops with attractive product photos were attracting their dream customers easily.

Once I swapped out the product photos in my shop, people started noticing my products and my sales grew to over a 100 in under 4 months! In my first month on Etsy I made $760 and within a couple of months, I was consistently making $1500-$2000 every month. And this laid the foundation for me to quit my job and start my design business full-time.