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High-resolution photography for creatives






Stop spending hours hunting through the web to find photos that speak your brand.


You do what you are best at, let me handle all your photography woes.

Lets Be Honest - Finding The Right Photographs For Your Blog And Business Is Hard!  

I did it for a while, and I know how hard it is to find high quality photos that align with your

brand, style and aesthetic - almost impossible!

I sent out a survey few days ago, and here's what some of my fellow creatives had to say about their photography woes -

"Most stock photos are contemplative and rather unhelpful when it comes to the content or niche I need it for.” 

"I still feel a little stuck as to where to start, what types of blog posts to write, what graphics & images to use" 

“I want pictures that resonate with my blogs tone and feel.” 

"Now if I could just find someone to help me take some good photos that I can use to create a landing page while Im working on my website & for the blog itself!" 

Don’t you wish you could save all that time you spend trying to find the right photo for your business?

What if you no longer had to worry about what graphic you are going to use for your next blog post, e-book or landing page? 


Each blog and business has its unique needs. Using stock photos is awesome - its free! But its a hassle to navigate the stock photos to find the ones you can use. Its also tiring to see the same stock photos used by people all over the web.

What if I told you there was a way?

You can get photos that give your brand an identity, save your precious time and help you reach the right customers? 

Styled brand photography frees you of all the worry

You get 20 high-resolution photographs that are designed specifically with your business and blog in mind. I go through a tested process to understand the mission and values of your business and come up with a visual guide that reflects your brand.  

"After seeing the pictures Chaitra took for my brand, I was so confident in my decision to work with her because it was obvious that she took everything I said about what I envisioned to heart. She even checked with me as she was shooting to make sure she was on the right track! The photos Chaitra captured excellently showcase my work in the casual yet professional setting that I wanted. Creative Convex is an absolutely amazing experience."
Zoe from Zoe June Design

You can use these images for ..

Blog Post Graphics

Sales Pages

Website Images

Product Mockups

Ebook Covers

Social media Promotions

Landing Pages

High quality photos Take Your Brand To The Next Level!

Studies have shown that images increase customer engagement by 37%. And customers that identify with a brand are twice as likely to buy from them than from a new brand.

All This For $597? That's A Steal

Its hard to put a price on something as creative as photography. We could easily sell each of these photographs for hundreds of dollars and people would buy them. But I want to help you grow your business without breaking your bank. That is why, only for a limited time, the custom brand photography service is just $597. 

You not only get the photos you want, you also get the license to use these images in all your paid and free products. If you do the math, its just $30/photo, that is a steal compared to other licensed images on the web!

$30 Per Photo, What Is The Catch?

“That is crazy! Why are you offering your services at such a low price?” - I am not doing this just for the money. Growing a business is hard, I get it. At a time when I was not able to grow my blog, it was my photography that changed everything for me. And I want that for you too! I want to help you, my community grow your business without putting a hole in your pocket!

Every pixel matters, Make the maximum out of your website!

Use high-resolution photographs to create a visual presence on and off the web. My experience in branding has helped me create a fool-proof formula to give you photos that speak you, your style and your values. We don’t stop until you do your happy dance!

"It's like Christmas morning every time I receive a new Creative Convex photo pack from Chaitra! It's my absolute favorite resource for high-quality photos for creatives. "
Kayla from Kaylahollatz

This is for you if:

You have an awesome brand with clear vision, but are struggling to find photos that speak your style

You have a shop and want to snowball your sales by using stellar product photography

You are a creative ( artist, calligrapher, designer, copy writer) who wants to showcase your work in an attractive way

You are ready to take your business to the next level by using amazing photography to attract the right customers/clients

So How Does All This Work?

1. Inspiration

Everything starts with a cup of virtual coffee over a Skype chat to learn more about your brand and business. We' ll then dive right into gathering visual inspiration for the photo pack via a Pinterest board!  I will then get to work to create a story board for your images.

2. Style

Based on the inspiration board, we will come up with a set of props and backgrounds that will work for your brand images I will put my creative juices to work for styling the photos in a way that speaks your brand!

3. Shoot

I'll style and shoot the images with all the props and backgrounds based on our discussion. Based on your choice, I will shoot both landscape as well as portrait images. You will be involved in each step of the process.

4. Edit

Once you select and approve your final 20 photos, I will edit them using Adobe Photoshop and deliver the photo pack of high-resolution images to you!

"Creative Convex is JUST what I’ve been looking for! The photos are GORGEOUS and I can’t believe they are free! Thank you Chaitra for the incredible visual punch you’ve given my brand!
Kate from Ingenuwitty

Did You Say Bonuses? I Have You Covered!

I want you to make the best use of your Creative Convex photos. If you buy our custom brand photography today, you not only get a kick ass photo pack clicked especially for you, but also:

5 brand mock-ups (photoshop .psd format) to showcase your digital products

A video tutorial on how to create amazing graphics that will boom your shares on social media

Act Now!

Each brand has its own values, aesthetic and style, which is why I never re-use any idea. Every project starts with a clean-slate. This helps me create a unique and exclusive photo pack for every single brand! 

Get in touch here or send me an email at to work together, I am EXCITED to hear from you! 

Name *


What is the license for these photos?

They are yours for all purposes. Free products, Paid products - feel free to use them in anyway you want to. They are yours!

What if I have props that need to be featured in the photos?

I totally understand that we creatives are geographically dispersed. You can mail your props i.e products, items, articles, paintings to be featured in the photos. I ll send it to you once we are done with the photoshoot.

Do I need to pay for the props?

For most part of it, I will source props that suit your brand. But if there is something exclusive and expensive that you’d like to be included, you can order it and have it shipped. I ll send it to you once we are done with the photoshoot.

How many days will the process takes?

On a first come, first serve basis, I will work with you one on one for a 10 day period during which I will understand your brand and create the custom photo pack. Shortly after we decide to work together, you will receive an email from me with the details about the timeline for the program that works for both you and me!

What is the format of the files I’ll receive?

You’ll receive 20 high resolution ( 5000 * 3000 px ) photos in jpeg format. I can also send you the Adobe Photoshop files if you wish to have them.

What is the refund/ return policy for the program?

If you for some reason decide to cancel your booking before we start working on the photos, I ll offer you a 100% refund.

What if I don’t like the photos that you create?

Let’s hope that doesn’t happen. My process is fool-proof and tested. Before jumping into the photoshoot, I will spend a lot of time with you brainstorming about the style and aesthetic of the photos. Please have a look at my previous work here to make sure we are a good fit!

Can I sell the photos?

No, they cannot be resold.