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You know your brand is unique, but it seems so hard to stand out and get noticed online.

If you could get stunning professional photos that make you stand out in the sea of sameys, would you? 

I provide styled product and lifestyle photography for small businesses -  makers, artists, designers, crafters and online shop owners. Whether you need product shots that effortlessly sell your products, photos of your workspace, or brand images for your social media and website– you are in the right place!


(A) Product Photography


When it comes to e-commerce, 67% of the customers prefer a product that has a high-quality photo. Customers value the quality of the image more than reviews and product descriptions. Think about the last time you were shopping online and came across a bad product photo. Odds are, you did not buy that item. Right? 

The point is that taking compelling photographs of your products is critical to selling your products online successfully. 

I 'll work with you to take high-quality, stunning studio shots of your products - so they sell themselves - effortlessly. 

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(B) Brand / Lifestyle Photography

Have you noticed while scrolling on Pinterest, you are instantly able to recognize a brand just because of the style of their photos and visuals. Its sub conscious, but by using powerful and consistent photos, the brand has made its place in your mind.

Great photos can evoke far more emotion than your logo or your business card. High-quality photos build trust with your audience about your brand.

Whether you need photos for your newest offering or you need gorgeous photos to show off your brand on your website / social media - I am here to help!

Pricing:  Please get in touch for a custom quote below


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