What is the license for these photos?

They are yours for all purposes. Free products, Paid products - feel free to use them in anyway you want to. They are yours!

What if I have props that need to be featured in the photos?

I totally understand that we creatives are geographically dispersed. You can mail your props i.e products, items, articles, paintings to be featured in the photos. I ll send it to you once we are done with the photoshoot.

Do I need to pay for the props?

For most part of it, I will source props that suit your brand. But if there is something exclusive and expensive that you’d like to be included, you can order it and have it shipped. I ll send it to you once we are done with the photoshoot.

How many days will the process takes?

On a first come, first serve basis, I will work with you one on one for a 10 day period during which I will understand your brand and create the custom photo pack. Shortly after we decide to work together, you will receive an email from me with the details about the timeline for the program that works for both you and me!

What is the format of the files I’ll receive?

You’ll receive 20 high resolution ( 5000 * 3000 px ) photos in jpeg format. I can also send you the Adobe Photoshop files if you wish to have them.

What is the refund/ return policy for the program?

If you for some reason decide to cancel your booking before we start working on the photos, I ll offer you a 100% refund.

What if I don’t like the photos that you create?

Let’s hope that doesn’t happen. My process is fool-proof and tested. Before jumping into the photoshoot, I will spend a lot of time with you brainstorming about the style and aesthetic of the photos. Please have a look at my previous work here to make sure we are a good fit!

Can I sell the photos?

No, they cannot be resold.