One of the main joys of my blogging journey has been taking photos. It wasn't something that I thought I would ever get in to, but blogging helped me realize my hidden love and passion for photography. There have been so many times when I have just lost track of time while taking photos, and that's what I feel is passion. Something that I truly love. Something that can make me forget the world around me. Something that I can lose myself in.
Photography is an art, it is a lot of hard work. It is also a very true reflection of a person's taste and personality. Every piece of art is beautiful, and so I believe are photos. There is no good or bad photo, there are only different photos. Each photo is unique and contains the photographer's moods and emotions. 
There is no limit to learning, and there is always something more to learn. Though I have just begun, I am totally loving and enjoying my journey. I look forward to exploring and learning more. I thought it would be a good idea to document and share my journey on my lovely little space here with you all. 
But most of all, thank you to Blogging and thank you to all of you for encouraging me with every comment and tweet. It just makes me so much more confident, humbled and happy each time any of you tweet me that you like the photos on my blog. You might not know, but you just make my day! :)
I am sharing some of my recent clicks here for you all to see. Which one is your favorite? Mine is the last one! Let me know your thoughts on it! 

Happy Happy sunday! :)