How To Use Photoshop Actions For Branding Your Blog & Business

Curious about how to use photoshop actions for branding your blog & business? Here is a step by step tutorial to get you started with photoshop actions and also you can download a FREE set of professional actions from @filtergrade!

Most blogs and businesses use photography to make their content and website stand out to their audience. I personally spend quite a bit of time taking photos that go with my brand and enhance the content of my blog posts, and most of that time is actually spent in editing the photos. Editing photos is a lot of fun, but its very time consuming too. Over time I observed that most of my editing involved following the same set of steps in photoshop - it was like a process that I could do and repeat  without thinking. And while looking for a way to automate this, I discovered Photoshop Actions - a completely new world!

What are Photoshop Actions:

Photoshop actions are a recorded sequence of steps that can be applied to photographs with just a click of a button to produce various effects, filters and styles. For example, you can use a photoshop action to create a vintage effect for your photos, or apply a pastel color filter to your Instagram photos or even resize your blog photos with just a click. How? Photoshop actions consist of a recorded sequence of steps that can be applied indefinitely  over and over again on photos to replicate a particular effect.

Why Photoshop Actions?

  • Photoshop actions are super useful as they save an insane amount of time by creating an efficient workflow for editing photos.
  • They help you to create some rad effects that can spruce up your Instagram and blog photos!
  • If you can get professional photoshop actions (wait for an exciting freebie, below), its almost like having the expertise of an ace photographer right on your computer screen! Everyone will envy your super-sleek photos.
  • You will also notice that photoshop actions help in creating a consistent branding for your photographs. If you do it right, people will soon be able to pick out your photo from a sea of photos in just a glance. Now, this is super useful for visually focussed content marketing platforms like Instagram , Bloglovin' and Pinterest, isn't it?

What more? Editing your photos with photoshop actions is also super fun and interesting!  So let's dive right into it!


Super cool Photoshop Actions:

If you are wondering where you can get these photoshop actions from? Don't worry! I have got you some really beautiful and professional photoshop actions by my friend Mike from FilterGrade. FilterGrade specializes in developing high-quality photoshop actions for bloggers, photographers and creatives! You can see their work in action right here on some of my photos:




Brilliant right? If you want to try these effects for your own photos, here is a simple tutorial to help you install and get started with photoshop actions:

How To Install Photoshop Actions:

To create some super cool effects with photoshop actions, you will need Adobe photoshop. You can download a free trial here! Also you' ll need photoshop actions, you can download them here for free!


Step 1: Open your photo in Photoshop by going to File > Open > Browse your file location. If your toolbar isn't open, locate it by opening Windows > Tools (select). If your layers panel isn't open, locate it by opening Windows > Layers (select). Open the actions window by Windows > Actions (select).


Step 2: In the Actions window, click on the small downward arrow and select Load Actions. Browse the .atn (photoshop action) file that you just downloaded and select it. That's it, the actions are now installed.


Step 3: To apply a photoshop action to your photo, just select the action in the action window and click the Play button at the bottom. It's that simple, you can now see the effect on your photo!


In just 3 easy steps, you can create whimsical effects for the photos you use for your social media, blog posts and your business!

EXCITING FREEBIE : Make sure to download this Light & Seasonal Series photoshop actions from FilterGrade for free by clicking the image or button below:


Curious about how to use photoshop actions for branding your blog & business? Here is a step by step tutorial to get you started with photoshop actions and also you can download a FREE set of professional actions from @filtergrade!

For more brilliant effects, check out these amazing photoshop bundles by FilterGrade. I particularly love their FilmTone, Quicktone and their super steal - 220 Bundles!

What do you think of photoshop actions? Will you try them?