If I have learnt anything about photography at all, it is only since I have started my blog. At the beginning, I took random shots that looked good only to me. But soon, I realized there is so much more to photography than just focussing and clicking. My photos started to get better as I started paying attention to details like lighting, composition, colors etc. I am still an amateur, but here are a few things I have learnt in the one year I have dabbled in photography:

Forget the flash,

it hurts

. The first thing is to turn off the flash, there are several other ways to overcome poor-lighting situations. But if you have to use it,


is a video tutorial that explains how to use flash effectively. Still, I would say avoid it.

Use the


for photo composition

, but don't follow it always

. Most professionals swear by this composition rule and I love it too. But sometimes it is good to forget the rules and just have fun with your camera. Some of the best shots can be the ones you click spontaneously without putting much thought into them.

Natural light is the best


so get out in the sun

. I know it is winter, and its hard to get good natural lighting. So whenever you get a little bit of sun, make the best of it and shoot photos in bulk for the rainy days.

White backgrounds

are serene and beautiful


but add some color once in a while

. I know white backdrops make the subjects pop and I am all for white backgrounds. But I have noticed that non-white backgrounds make the photos more interesting. Like the one above, I feel the black background adds some interest and mystery to the photo.

What do you say?

Take 10, 20 or even 100 shots


to get that one perfect one - it is worth it.

Never compromise on the quality of your photos, shoot until you get the shot that you want. It may require several trials and errors, but you will learn something new from each of those.

Get creative

, move around, bend, sit, lean, look funny and take shots from all angles, 'cuz everything has its good side. Sometimes you just won't know the best angle for your subject unless you try different angles. So take your time, move around a bit to figure out the best angle for your shot.

If all fails, use




they are awesome

. If a photo does not come out as you expected, worry not. There are several editing apps and tools that can help you get the photo you want with just a few tweaks. You can check out my favorite photo - editors





Photography isn't easy. It is hard. But the good news is it is possible for every one of us to become a good photographer. It only requires practice, practice and more practice. Keep at it, never get disheartened and give it your best. Soon you will be taking incredibly beautiful shots and that my friend, will give you so much content and happiness that will make all the hard work worth it.

What are your tips for better photos?