It is not uncommon that you see amazing photos on Instagram that make it hard to believe they were shot by not any fancy DSLR, but by a simple phone camera. Well, taking photos is definitely a knack, but editing the photo adds a bit of something which takes the photo from good to amazing. Here are a few phone apps which make those Instagram photos what they are.
Snapseed is a great tool for basic edits like exposure, brightness, contrast etc. which are made easy by the use of real-time sliders. The most powerful feature of Snapseed is Selective Adjustment which means all the edits can be applied either to the entire photo or only a part of the photo which according to me is genius because many times I want to fix flaws only in certain parts of the photo without disturbing the rest of it.
VSCOCam and Afterlight have some of the most beautiful presets/ filters that can help express the mood of your photos. VSCOCam is also a great camera replacement tool and you can get very creative with their custom editing tools. Afterlight has a lot more presets than VSCOCam along with some fun frames and textures to play around with.
Seen those instagram pics which have lovely, inspiring quotes written beautifully on them? Piclab makes that possible. With a variety of fonts to choose from, and the ability to layer textures on top of each other, piclab literally creates a design studio in the palm of your hands!
I am not much of a collage person, but if you are then Photogrid should be your go-to app as it has some of the best collage layouts and makes it so easy to create a beautiful collage in just minutes!
Among the several apps I have tried, I have found that these work really well for what they come. [Except Afterlight- 0.99$, all the apps mentioned here are free!] Photo- editing is a huge playground, so get down and have some fun! :)
Here are the links to the apps mentioned: 
 iOS        =    SnapSeed || VSCOCam || AfterLight || PicLab || Photogrid 
Android =    SnapSeed || VSCOCam || AfterLight || PicLab || Photogrid 
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What are your favorite editing apps?